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  • Grades 6 - 12

    Fei Tian CA is committed to offering the best education model by combining a rigorous academic curriculum alongside advanced training in dance. We aim to educate the whole child by placing equal emphasis on professional skills, academic knowledge, the study of culture, and character development.

    • Accredited by the Schools Commission of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)
    • Dance instructors from Shen Yun
    • Bilingual environment (English and Chinese)
    • Advanced Placement courses available

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  • Ages 18 and above

    Rooted in traditional Chinese culture, the One-Year Intensive program involves a complete set of training methods for foundational skills in Classical Chinese Dance, including bearing, form, and demanding aerial techniques. Beginning and continuing studies are available. Limited scholarships may be available for talented individuals.

    • Dance instructors from Shen Yun
    • Structured sequence of training stages
    • World-class training facility

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  • Grades K and above

    • Learn authentic Chinese dance based upon Fei Tian’s curriculum that is approved by UC for high school arts credit
    • Improve physique and physical condition while enhancing focus, self-discipline, and confidence
    • Receive quality training by instructors from world-renowned Shen Yun
    • Train in a world-class facility with 2,000+ sq. ft. studios
    • Build a strong sense of community and teamwork with performance opportunities in Fei Tian’s annual recital and community events

             — All in a safe and family-like environment!

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  • Grades K - 5

    The After-School Arts & Culture program at Fei Tian CA offers a unique Chinese immersion experience with intensive language training and traditional arts education.

    • Experience traditional arts that nurture poise, discipline, and self-esteem
    • Reinforce and expand language skills while engaged in fun activities
    • Learn in a safe and family-like environment
    • Small class size

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  • Ages 5 and above

    Weekend Arts & Culture programs at Fei Tian CA offers students ages 5+ a unique, challenging, and fun experience in Dance, Fine Art, Music, Chinese Language & Culture.

    • Dance instructors from Shen Yun
    • Chamber ensemble combines classical Western and Eastern instruments
    • Traditional-style training in drawing and watercolor painting
    • Chinese immersion-based activities and rich cultural experiences

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  • Ages 6 and above

    With our world-class facilities and master teachers, Fei Tian CA offers students a unique, challenging while fun summer experience in dance, fine art, and Chinese language & culture.

    • Explore the disciplines of traditional arts
    • Develop proficiency in the arts techniques
    • Build up self-confidence, self-esteem and graceful manners
    • Intensify focus and enhance teamwork character
    • Increase different cultural understanding

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Traditional Arts & Culture

  • Shen Yun Performing Arts SY2013_ecard_600x385-v4

    Experience the world’s premier Chinese dance and music company!

  • Chinese Dance Golden2

    An art form tempered thousands of years. Classical Chinese dance has helped preserve 5,000 years of Chinese culture.

  • Ancient Story: Honoring Teachers TraditionalCulture

    The emphasis of discipline and showing respect to one’s teacher are traditional values found in ancient Chinese culture.


“Wow! My wife and I were so impressed by how much she's changed being in Fei Tian's Summer Camp last year!

Her body shape and posture, as well as physical health all improved a lot within two sessions of dance training!

She absolutely loved it and asked to stay as a full-time student in Fei Tian!”

– Nan Su, parent of summer student, now full-time student